Sometimes, capability seems way more important than simplicity. In practice, the reverse is almost always true. It’s easy to make the simple complicated. Our goal is to make the complicated awesomely simple.

User Experience Strategy & Design

User Research

In the enterprise world, the experience of the software that you create and integrate becomes your calling card, and your customers enduring impression. We start every engagement with a deep dive into your business, to understand its processes and customers, and become experts in creating a solution that simplifies interactions, clarifies purpose, delights users, providing real results for your business.

Information Architecture

Projects live and die by the way their information is categorized- full stop. If research is the most important first step in digital strategy and design, then the organization of that research into a navigable, searchable, flexible and extensible structure, is a close second.

Great structure helps negotiate the relationship between business goals, existing content, and user expectations. Poor ones don’t. We make the former.

Experience strategy

Experience strategy is designing the ‘thing’ that people (remember them) have to use. Without careful design and obsessive attention to detail, even the best ideas seem can lack that ‘je ne sais qoui’, and never become what was initially promised. The heart of our user experience practice is here - we design the soul of your product or website. Because we have one foot near the bleeding edge of possibility, and the other rooted in reality, we know that ‘just working’ isn’t good enough to be great. And we always shoot for great.

Digital Design

If IA and Experience design are the meat and potatoes of the UX world, then Visual (digital) design is the salt. In the end, while we start every project with science, it still needs art. Photography, Typography, and colour create the visual tone of your website, and either enhance or degrade your brand. Design might be the last thing we mention, but its probably the first thing we think about.


Companies we've worked with in the past:

TenSpeed Managers

Christian Dendy

Founder, Creative Director

Christian was born under a good sign, and has a daughter that didn’t crawl. He teaches digital media and design classes at MacEwan and we would consider him to be one of the best designers in Edmonton. Hard luck and trouble are occasional friends, and if it wasn’t for good luck, his glass would be less than half full. Design made him fat, but is also an excuse to wear more black, which is slimming.

We've worked on other UX projects with:

Even before Ten Speed, we've been working on UX projects with some of the biggest companies in the world today.