Profitability. Growth. Quality. Exceeding customer expectations. These are not examples of values. These are examples of corporate strategies being sold to you as values.

Management Consulting

Change management consulting

Ten Speed understands that the environment in which organizations operate is continually changing. Whether we like it or not, these changes may be forced, slow to impact or hardly noticeable. We empower organizations to build and sustain their own capability to identify, manage and lead change. Whether about a new strategy, organizational structure, or technology, change is fundamentally about people. We support organizations to accept and to work with new business models, new processes, new structures and new technologies, as well as adapt behavior.

Our change consulting services have been proven to accelerate our clients change knowledge and we are versed in working with them to rapidly enhance their change maturity. We do this through having the right conversations, providing the right tools, methods and approaches, as well as encouraging the right behaviors needed.

Organizational Review Consulting

Ten Speed appreciate that organizations are increasingly faced with the need to do more with less, whilst needing to be responsive to a higher demand for their services. Because of this, organizations are taking action to make their internal operations more efficient. We know that many organizations have had to review their operating models to address new realities in their environments. This often means re-designing the organizational structure, investing into new capabilities, developing staff and changing some elements of the culture of the organization.

Our organizational review consulting services support organizations to be successful in conducting internal health checks, designing new organizational structures or improving efficiencies. We have developed a nine step approach that enables us to understand the critical elements of an organization’s operating model, how each component is interconnected and aim to support the services delivered by the organization.

Learning & Development Consulting

Ten Speed has a deep understanding of the learning and development challenges that organizations face today and will face tomorrow, some of which include low levels of staff satisfaction, reduced productivity, ineffective learning processes, and unprecedented levels of staff turnover. We know that the way in which organizations develop their staff, as well as how learners learn, has changed and will continue to change. We have guided organizations through these challenges by helping them to develop and deliver relevant learning and development strategies which are based on the application of practical methods and tools that are customized to each client situation.

We are often approached to provide advice, guidance and consulting to organizations interested in assessing their staff skills, competencies and capabilities, as well those interested in designing, developing and implementing interactive learning management systems.



TenSpeed Managers

Mike Priest

Founder & CEO

Mike is the very model of a modern major general. He has information vegetable, animal, and mineral, Mike knows the kings of England, and I quote the fights historical. Mike brings a vast amount of experience in software design & architecture, product management, visual & interaction design, & business development. He appreciates Coors light, has a funny accent and a well groomed ginger beard.

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