We are a different integrator because we move at the speed of your business.

And we don‘t mean just keeping up, we mean lead. We are not followers, we see technology as a means to an end, and not the end itself.

Enterprise content management

Document Management

How can a document management system help you? We’ll let’s think about the purpose of document management; the ability to manage documents in the Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid, access to information using desktop, tablets or mobile devices, collaborate with peers and external vendors without giving up security measures, automated rule/ behaviour-based document routing, notify employees when information has been changed or pushed through your workflows, all seamlessly integrated into your other enterprise systems. Ten Speed has worked in Enterprise Content Management for over 8 years. We don’t just setup your system, we help define an ECM strategy that fits your business needs.

Document Imaging

Moving your business from paper to electronic can be challenging at best. From managing and tracking paper in your ECM system to strategizing and implementing scanning processes, Ten Speed has just about seen and done it all. We use industry leading software to help with pre-scan and post-scan processing, such as QA, OCR, imagine cleanup and automated document classification.

Being green and paper free won't happen overnight, but Ten Speed can help identify the key strategy to make it a much smoother and shorter process.

Records Management

Concern about records management in the public and private sectors is fueled by issues of risk avoidance, compliance, business information classification, records retention and disposal. On top of this, e-Document management discovery and disclosure, Freedom of Information Acts (FoIP), Data Protection Act (DPA), privacy laws, HIPAA and others all contribute to a growing anxiety in corporate records management best practices.

Our Records and Management Consulting team are fully equipped to work with you on developing your enterprise records policies and procedures, corporate governance models that detail records management roles and responsibilities, design of the enterprise classification, taxonomy, file plans and record retention schedules that save your time and money.

Team/Social Collaboration

We are in a new age of technology. Businesses are becoming agile, information is growing exponentially, but access to this information and the effectiveness of our collaboration is hindering our ability to move with the pace of business.

Now more than ever, businesses need an effective content management strategy to manage the creation, sharing, storage and compliance of critical information. Could you share internal customer-facing documents and collaborate without compromising your corporate network or document security?

Business Process Management

Organizations need more than just human-centric workflow, they need agile processes that can be automated, flexible and centered around content. Workflows are only as effective as their designers. If your design is inflexible, insensitive to a users needs, and/or repetitive in nature, users will not be productive. You may have "technically" solved the problem, but people need to be able to use it effectively.


Nobody likes siloed information. It's important to be able to integrate with your other enterprise applications, especially when metadata needs to be shared, or notifications need to be pushed seamlessly. Ten Speed has experience with integrating ERP systems like PeopleSoft, email applications like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, and software applications like Google Docs.


Technologies we use:

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