What we do


We develop industry-leading, turnkey solutions that increase user productivity and adoption, enhance learning retention and effectiveness, are scalable, cost effective and address learning requirements at the moment of need.

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Areas of expertise

With over 100+ years of combined experience between our founders, we have pretty much seen, and done it all. From working with and founding small startups to Fortune 500 companies with global workforces we have experience in most areas of the modern business world. Still, we prefer to work at what we know & love. We like to focus on the business verticals we know best, while using the solutions that we're the most experienced in.

  • Eduction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Financial Services
  • Provincial Government
  • Federal Government
  • Municipalities
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Technology
  • Open/Public Data
  • Enterprise Search


Ten Speed provides a range of management consulting to a variety of clients in sectors diverse as provincial government, energy, professional services, health care, post secondary institutions and others. Whichever the sector or industry we are supporting our clients in, we bring a deep expertise in understanding their issues, challenges and opportunities to help them transform their organizations to better deliver against their strategic, business and operational priorities.

We have the courage to ask our clients the right questions, at the right time, in the right way, to deliver the right solution.

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Your company has vital information and it's growing faster than you think; emails, records & documents, workflow, collaboration, discussion boards, notifications...all accessed via mobile devices, tablets and desktops.

Solving your company’s search problem requires more than just a search engine, and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) involves much more than buying a Content Management System (CMS)...

It's about understanding how people, systems, and content can all work together.

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Experience strategy is designing the thing that people (remember them) have to use. Without careful design and obsessive attention to detail, even the best ideas seem can lack that little something, and never become what was initially promised. The heart of our design practice is here - we help to define the soul of your product or website. Because we have one foot near the edge of possibility, and the other rooted in practical reality, we know that ‘just working’ isn’t good enough to be great.

And we always shoot for great.

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