TenSpeed uses research and technology to shape the enterprise experience.

We help transform brands, turn users into learners,
and equip organizations for the evolving digital landscape.
We are not business as usual.

1. We ask the right questions.

We partner with businesses to determine where and how to compete by rapidly immersing into an industry or problem space. By facilitating a series of workshops we identify opportunities, generate and prioritize ideas, while prototyping and testing product service concepts.

By asking the right questions, we can uncover things you may not have even thought about.

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2. We seek the right fit.

We selectively and respectfully pursue perfect fits—those organizations that fit our areas of expertise and interests. That isn’t to say that we won’t try new things, but rather that were really good at, and have experience in key verticals.

By saying no occasionally, we don’t waste your time and give more credibility to our yes.

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3. We solve the right problem.

Albert Einstein once said “If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it.” Those are wise words, that we live by.

Almost all organizations need to become better at making sure that their efforts address the real problem, and more often than not, new technology is only part of the solution. Once the problem is defined we work with you to create strategic advantage, unlock innovation, and drive business performance.

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4. While using the right technologies.

We constantly research and push the boundaries of new technologies. It sounds cliche, but you'll be surprised with the amount of companies who get comfortable with their "perfect fits".

Technology is rapidly growing, so it's important to find the here and now. TenSpeed isn't just a passenger in this scenario, we strive to become the innovators and push the boundaries ourselves.

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These are just some of the technologies we're fluent in. The TenSpeed philosophy "OWN IT", means we look at software as if it were our own and strive to develop products which sit on top of these applications - providing niche solutions that make existing software even better!

JumpSeat LMS
Activiti BPM
Cloud CMS
Amazon AWS
Angular JS

Organizations we've worked with in the past include

Alberta Innovates Health Solutions Alberta Government British Columbia University of Alberta British Petroleum PLC City of Edmonton
Deloitte Edmonton International Airports Epcore Edmonton Public Schools Gain Alberta Health Services
MacEwan University NAIT National Health Service Norquest College Pepsico Proctor and Gamble
Smuckers Thales University of Saskatchewan Enbridge Telus Athabasca University
Robin Hood Home Office National Express Covenant Health R-Evolution App Canadian Western Bank